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Who we are?

Leading consultancy company ENC Study Abroad is well-known to students and is well-known for its specialized services. We assist aspiring Sri Lankan students in overcoming the challenges and barriers associated with the visa application procedure. We provide students with insightful guidance tailored to their needs, capabilities, and financial situation in a warm, individualized manner while protecting the privacy of the data.

Why Choose Us

We provide prospective students seeking higher education abroad career counseling and student placement services. In order to best match student interests with the appropriate academic/course/program, we collaborate closely with students and their families.

We collaborate with and represent prestigious universities and colleges all over the world. Our success is determined by the accomplishments of our customers. We provide the finest solutions after carefully reviewing and analyzing our client’s needs. The academic services section of ENC, which works with foreign universities and is acknowledged globally, is a recognized entity unto itself.

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